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Pre-Mounted Solid Skid Steer Tires with Aperture holes are available to replace 10x16.5,  12x16.5, 14x17.5 pnuematic tires.

These No-Flat tires offer several thousand hours of consistent uptime.

The 36, 33 or 31 inch diameter tire is offered as standard solid or longer-life premium version. The longer-life type has deeper usable tread depth.


                                               Dirt / All Purpose Tread                                       Smooth / Hard Surface Tread

                                                    31x10 16 SD 60 deg stw       31" diameter                                           S31x12 20 SD 60 deg stw



                                                     33x12 20 SD 60 deg stw       33" diameter                                S31x12 20 SD face stw